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The House of the Kensmen

Our Bloodlines

These are the Houses & Bloodlines of the Kensmen, feel free to click on the symbols for more information about these great Houses & Bloodlines.

House Tyr

Leader: Kensmen Theas

House Wyndhaven

Leader: HRM King Druss

House of the Wolf

Leader: Kensemen Wulfgar

House Haldane

Leader: Kensmen Talon Haldane

House Seven Bears

Leader: Kensmen BAM

House Ashling

Leader:  Kensmen Sardoth

House Ulfhednar

Leader: Kensmen Aegis

Na Casan mBan

Leader: Kensmen Oona

House Blood Eagle

Leader: Kensmen Malice

Anglesey: House Diamond Dog


House CúMór

Leader: Kensmen Finn

House Brightflame

Leader: Kensmen Greymane

House Sinistrad

Leader: Kensmen Tauronziz

House Lutra

Leader: Kensmen DestiNova

House Black & Red Dragon

Leader: Kensmen Lamick


For the most updated lineage chart under Iskandar the Grimm, The AlFather please follow the following link:

Over 3 years have gone into it making it the most accurate chart. To this day it is still maintained and updated after every event.

Other Lineages:
  • Kensmen Great Danger Dwarf was also Kensed by HRM Queen Rayne Wyndhaven and only took on Swordbrother Halforc. Their line ends there.